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Yondale Kennels - Views & Breeding Practices

If we do not have anything available when people query available litters, we will happily refer these queries on to Breeders who do health testing.  If a prospective puppy owner queries about another specific kennel and I am unaware of their practices, the buyer is advised to do their homework on diseases affecting the breed, and to make their own queries accordingly. 

I do not officially offer puppies to prospective owners until a litter is BAER tested, and only then will that person be offered a puppy with full hearing.  If a person is after a sound, health, happy puppy as a lifelong companion for the next 10-15 years, then the wait will have been worth it.


 prcd-PRA (known as PRA)

This is a form of night blindness.  It is incurable.  It can have early or late onset.   Would you like to own a blind dog?

 A dog tested for PRA can be either: 

  • Clear;
  • A Carrier;  or
  • Affected.

Breeders who test for PRA can offer Stumpies who are clear of this disease.  They will willingly show you paperwork confirming this fact.

A Carrier of this disease is exactly that, a Carrier.  The animal will never go blind, but carries the disease.  If you are after a pet, working dog, or just a mate, a dog that is a carrier of PRA will certainly fulfill your needs - it will never go blind from PRA.

However, if that same animal/Carrier is bred to another Carrier, (ie. the best mate’s cattle dog from down the road;  another Stumpy whose PRA status is ‘unknown’) the resulting puppies will either be carriers of PRA or Affected (meaning it will ultimately go blind). 

Naivety of the above facts will not help the Breeder of any litter when the farmer down the road is in contact, having had to shoot his best working dog because it was going blind, or when a concerned Mum rings saying "My child’s best mate isn’t seeing properly."

Plain and simple, some Breeders test for PRA, some do not.  Vet guarantees mean jack if there is no genetic testing behind the animal.  There are no ANKC Rules in place governing health/genetic testing for the Stumpy breed, and it boils down to a Breeder's conscience, personal choice and more so…. money.  


Longtail Stumpies

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs do have longtail puppies in their litters.  Numbers can vary.  The biggest percentage of Stumpy litters do include at least one longtail puppy.

Docking is banned in Australia.  Some Breeders choose to keep the longtails and sell them or give them away as pets.  It is somewhat mind-blowing to note some newspaper/internet advertisers state the price of their longtails to that equivalent of a stumpy puppy from some registered Breeders.



Deafness is in the Stumpy breed.  This is also incurable.  Research is ongoing to try and determine the 'deafness' gene.  Deaf dogs can produce puppies with full hearing.  Dogs with full hearing can produce deaf puppies.

A Breeder should be able to tell if a puppy is deaf at 3 - 4 weeks of age.  If a puppy has uni-lateral hearing (hearing in one ear only), this is a bit harder to pick up/confirm.  BAER testing is the only way to confirm full hearing or otherwise, in a dog.


Colour Faults 

Simply put:

  • Blue stumpies should not have tan on them (like the Australian Cattle Dog).  They are not allowed to be registered on the Main Register.

  • Red stumpies should not be a pale cream colour, and their noses should be black. 

  • 'Brown' stumpies - this is also an unacceptable colour under the Breed Standard, and this colour was introduced through the Redevelopment Scheme for the Breed.

'Colour Genotyping' allows Breeders the ability to know what stumpy breeding stock possess what 'colour genes'.  This is useful when planning matings, and trying to eliminate colour faults within a breeding program.



There are two (2) Registers available to Registered Breeders under which they register their puppies.

The Main Register - an animal has to be on the Main Register for it to be able to be shown, and for any subsequent progeny registered from it. If breeding a registered litter of dogs, the Breeder of any such litter must be a current financial member of their States Canine Controlling Body (eg. Canine Control Council Qld. etc), and must hold a current Breeder's Prefix (kennel name) before the date of mating of any litter.

The Limited Register - You can do anything with your dog, ie. compete in Obedience, Agility etc, but the animal cannot be shown, nor be used in a registered breeding program/progeny registered from it.  In Queensland, an owner of a Limited Register animal must sign a Consent acknowledging these restrictions.

The Limited Register exists for breeders who:

  • feel that a dog is not suitable for showing or breeding;  or

  • has an agreement that a dog is going to a home as a pet.

Longtail Stumpies are able to be registered on the Limited Register.

Puppies can now be certified by Veterinarians that they were born a 'Natural Bob Tail' and this notation is placed on the puppy's Certificate of Registration and Pedigree.

DNA Profiling can also be undertaken to confirm that the dog carries the 'Natural Bob Tail' gene.

Other Things

Of interest to note when breeding Stumpies, some puppies can be born with Spina Bifida, or have no anusAnasarca ('walrus') puppies have also been reported by Breeders in some lines - resulting caesarians because of anasarca puppies is something that Breeders should be aware of.

Polycystic Kidney Disease was disclosed in a Main Register Stumpy in 2007.  Please ask Breeders if they are even aware of the implications or even the discovery of this extremely serious disease, at the very least, before proceeding further with your queries.



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